What do you do if a co-worker wants you to listen to them and you don’t have much time? An incident like that can be a great source of anxiety, can it not? You are in a hurry, and yet you don’t want to be rude. 

Leadership guru Dan Rockwell says one thing you can do in a situation like that is this. You can state to the person pressing you, “I’m interested. I only have five minutes before my next meeting.”

Those two sentences politely buy you a reduction of time. You have offered the individual who is pressing you polite parameters to the length of your conversation. The burden is on the one approaching you to communicate with you concisely. Most times, five minutes is more than enough to express a problem or concern. Furthermore, it is good for your fellow employee (whether serving under you or not) to learn to summarize ideas or worries in five minutes or less. 


Photo by Sebastián León Prado on Unsplash