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Brady offers his perspective on what it is like to have WorkEdge serve the workers at his Chick Fil A franchise.

Encouraging and Uplifting

Dr. Edge’s presentation was both encouraging and uplifting. His ability to evoke emotions and create a feeling of self-worth and respect for others left our faculty and staff better prepared for the coming school year.

Daniel DuPree
Superintendent, Whitehouse ISD, Retired

Five Star Ranking

Mark Edge is an excellent orator! He captured my attention from the beginning… had an outstanding use of humor and personal stories (loved them)…. His message was sincere, heart-felt, vital, timeless and enjoyable. I give him a Five Star ranking!

Mikel Faulkner
President and CEO of HKN, Inc.
Chairman of the Board of Global Energy Development

Helped Our Team Achieve More

Bethesda Health Clinic has worked with Mark Edge and the Work Edge team for several months now. Mark has helped our team achieve more by engaging in interactive and challenging talks during our staff meeting. The WorkEdge team has also been providing chaplaincy services for our staff and has helped several members walk through some very difficult times. Their team has been able to interact with our staff and keep them emotionally stable in ways we as a staff could never do.

John P. English, M.D.
CEO, Bethesda Health Clinic

Lesson of Love and Respect

Mark’s gifts for humor and storytelling, remind us of the importance of valuing others for who they are as individuals with unique gifts and abilities. In today’s world of technology driven relationships, it’s a lesson of love and respect that we need to hear again and again!

Jay Oliver
President, Rose Point Capital Advisor

Steady and Stable

Wow! Steady and stable are the two words that best describe Mark Edge. Visualize Mark at the top of “life’s” mountain holding the safety rope and giving encouragement to others struggling to make that difficult climb to the summit. Mark is the individual everyone can count on and trust. His word is his covenant and he understands and can relate to others the hope and strength in that “journey of life.” I encourage everyone to take this opportunity to enlist Mark’s skills as he shares better ways to enhance the future of your organization with a healthier, happier, and more optimistic attitude.

Leonard Kent
Fort Stockton ISD Superintendent, Retired

Lesson of Love and Respect

I would like to recommend Mark as an able speaker to staff or student body regarding Character, Conflict resolution, Bullying, Joy of Work, Motivation, or other specific student or staff issues you may encounter in your school programs. Mark is an effective communicator and able to address specific needs or areas of identified concerns in your program. Mark is able to follow-up with ongoing counseling needs as required.

Wayne Boshears
President of East Texas Christian Academy, Retired

Compassionate Heart for People

I have known Dr. Edge for seven years. He has a compassionate heart for people and their emotional and physical well being. The teaching profession needs the services that his firm provides. Educators are under immense pressure from increased workloads. Having someone like Dr. Edge would help teachers to manage the stress in a healthy way.

Michelle Pardue M.Ed
32 years classroom teaching experience

You Will Not Be Disappointed

If you are looking for a motivational speaker to uplift and inspire your employees, I highly recommend Dr. Mark Edge. You will not be disappointed. Teachers and administrators need to feel good about going to work each day. Dr. Edge can help educators develop healthy self-esteem about themselves.

Mary Phillips
Former Educational Administrator Frankston ISD, Retired

Far Exceeded Our Expectations

Last summer during our teacher inservice, Mark Edge was brought in to lead our staff through a team building session. Mark far exceeded our expectations. He took our staff through an experience of laughter and even a few tears on their journey toward a better understanding of the primary mission, our students. The staff gave Mark outstanding reviews and we look forward to bringing him back to work with us in the future.

Jack F. Thomason
Superintendent, Oakwood ISD

Natural Ability to Connect with People

Mark has a natural ability to connect with people, and he is sincerely interested in getting to know their interests, needs and wants. He is trustworthy and empathetic, making him an excellent confidant, encourager, and consoler. He had served in all of these roles for many of my family and friends. These qualities make him perfectly suited for this unique position within any group, large or small.

Rebecca R. Henderson
Rebecca R. Henderson, Law Office

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