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WorkEdge can help you and your people!


WorkEdge can show your people that you care. We can do so by providing personal, relational care for them at their workplace or away from it in wise and discreet ways. 


WorkEdge can assist you in cultivating your people through on-site consultation, speeches, nurturing, and training.


WorkEdge can help you see the opportunity you have in your workplace to establish stability and create growth.

Our Specialties

Integrated Employee Care

24/7 availability

Hospital visitation

On site stress management

Problem wayward children

Marriage care

Divorce care

Serious illness

Work site visits

Death and dying

Spousal and child abuse

Drug and alcohol dependency

Funeral care

Grief care

From Mark’s Remarks

The Cost of Not Caring

Organizations that do not show proper care to their people lose employees. Losing employees cost employers money. In her June 30, 2015 article in Bloomberg News, Rebecca Greenfield reported that more employers are changing their emphasis from higher salaries to superior benefit packages in order to attract and retain more talented employees.