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WorkEdge: Integrated Employee Care

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By coming to your workplace and getting to know your people, our team seeks to address their problems, whether professional or personal.

As the CEO, owner, or leader of your organization, you are our boss. You tell us the degree to which we can serve your people. You empower us to address the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual needs of your employees.

Our services of Caring and Cultivating help us create stability and growth for you and your people. Here’s how WorkEdge delivers each of these services to your employees.


WorkEdge seeks to create stability and growth for you and your people. We make brief, weekly, worksite visits to get to know your people and offer encouragement. If an employee has something he/she wants to discuss, we can coordinate a place and time for a follow-up meeting.
Our Relational Care services include:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Hospital visitation
  • On site stress management
  • Problem wayward children
  • Marriage care
  • Divorce care
  • Serious illness
  • Work site visits
  • Death and dying
  • Spousal and child abuse
  • Drug and alcohol dependency
  • Funeral care
  • Grief care


Sometimes your people have problems requiring care from a clinical perspective.

WorkEdge provides care through licensed professional counselors. This is done off-site to supply confidential counseling to members of your team. This investment can reduce absences due to illness and enhance productivity at work.

WorkEdge also assists supervisors in facing employee challenges such as conflict resolution, and we are also available to assist with the smooth transition of laid off or terminated employees.


WorkEdge helps your employees become who they were made to be. In doing so, we create stability and growth for your workplace culture. This helps your business fulfill its purpose.

We help you develop a culture recognizing great service and rectifying poor service.

We recommend ways to encourage your employees and stimulate great attitudes.

We offer professional enrichment through motivational speeches, workshops, and daily communications.

Addresses and Speeches:

  • After-dinner speeches
  • Humorous speeches
  • Keynote addresses
  • Motivational speeches
  • Professional speeches
  • Training Speeches
Speaking and Training Topics:

  • Daring to excel
  • Dealing with anger
  • Emotion and Work
  • From Distraction to Traction
  • How to build a team
  • How to Deal with failure
  • How to Establish a work ethic
  • How to harness your mind
  • How to persevere
  • How to set goals
  • Little Things Lead to Success
  • Living in a Blended Family
  • Making Meaning of Monday
  • Managing Tensions in the Workplace
  • Profitable Love
  • Stabilizing parenting in an unstable world
  • Working through Conflict
  • Working with Disruptive Children in the Classroom

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