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Let Me Share My Mother

When I was six or seven, I applied for a summer job at the North Pole. Don’t laugh. Santa Claus replied with a gracious letter informing me that he only hired elves, not boys. I kept that letter from Santa and have it stashed away today.   

Graduates Meet THE GRADUATE

Many of these younger people flocked to the movie. They could identify with Ben. They connected with the boredom and underlying anxiety in Ben’s life. Many of them did not want to work. The irony of all this is that millions of young people paid millions of dollars to escape in the fantasy of a movie that featured the acting of some very hardworking young actors who went on to have very productive careers.

Captain of the Ship

Why not aspire to inspire that level of confidence in people if you are a leader in your job? If you are on a lower rung of the work ladder, why not seek to do the kind of job so that those around you feel better in crisis knowing that you are on the job?

The Great Disconnect

Discover why giving entertainment requires work and why receiving adulation is passive. Learn from the Beatles’ journey and their decision to move on to the next chapter of their lives.