I read a story* explaining that Beethoven wrote Moonlight Sonata with a purpose. It was for the sake of someone else. He wrote it for a little girl who was blind. Somehow, he wished to convey beauty that she could not see. How do you describe the splendor of the moonlight in the night? He could not articulate it in simple words, so he chose sounds. And, my, did he not communicate it well?

Through this work of kindness, Beethoven opened a door for a little girl so that she could “see” the moonlight. And in doing so, he enriched a world impoverished of beauty.

When kindness becomes the driving force behind your work, its impact can be profound. You may focus on one person—a customer, a client, a patient, a boss, a co-worker—but your act of kindness can extend far beyond that individual, creating a ripple effect of blessing.


 Author of Holy Chaos How To Walk with God in a Frenzied World


*Found in the old publication Bits and Pieces