I spoke at an event recently, and my wife, Judy, was with me. It went so well that after I finished, somebody who was supposed to talk about another subject instead spoke about how much my speech helped him. I felt very gratified, but something kept bugging me. I was disappointed about someone who was supposed to attend the affair but did not. Judy told me to forget about that and focus on the good things of the night. That was when a phrase I had heard stood out—take the win. 

Sometimes, you need to take the win. You may have wanted to win by more points, but a win is a win. Take the win. 

You may be attempting to reach a sales goal. The goal was reached, but you had felt that your sales would far surpass the goal. Take the win. 

You may be in a field that welcomes customer or client reviews. You got all five-star reviews—except for one lousy one-star review. You may be tempted to dwell on that one-star review and:

  • wonder what went wrong  
  • wonder what you could have done to bring it up  
  • wonder if the person who wrote the review held a personal grudge against you
  • wonder if the other reviews, the five-star ones, were valid

Forget all of that. Take the win and move on. 

Sure, there is a time for evaluating and self-critique, but you achieved—accept it. 

Just take the win.


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