If you have read much of what I have written, you know I am big on offering your best at your job.

Even when opportunities that you have earned are taken away.

Even when your role is reduced because of petty jealousy.

Author Chuck Swindoll writes about a high school classmate who was an exceptional actor named Sam. He was on the drama team and clearly better than any other team member. Others became jealous, and the senior play director was under such pressure that he finally decided to give Sam a non-speaking part: the butler.

The part was so minimal that Sam only had to stand in place in each scene of the play. Despite that, when the prize for best actor was announced, Sam won. Sam took that silent part and, through his facial movements and body language, offered a portrayal that was so nuanced it was the show’s highlight. The play itself was poorly received, but Sam’s part shone brightly.

You too can shine if you offer your very best when given a role, even when it is minimal. You can stand alone and make a difference.

Be willing to stand alone.

Be willing to offer your very best, even when your part is minimal.