A few years ago, I had a speaking engagement. I arrived, carrying the most enormous suitcase we owned packed with stuff. It weighed between 55 and 60 pounds. When I walked into the facility, various people asked me why I had the suitcase. I told them I did not have enough time to explain, but I would do so later when I spoke.

I went through the entire facility carrying that suitcase and making sure as many people as possible saw me. While the weight was not overwhelming, it clearly was a burden. At the very least, it was a hassle to carry 60 pounds of baggage everywhere I went. At last, my moment to address the audience arrived. I lugged that suitcase onto the speaker platform. The audience clearly noted this strange behavior, but then I told them, “You think I am the one burden because I am carrying a suitcase, but some of you are carrying something infinitely heavier–emotional baggage. In some cases, it’s like one suitcase. For others of you, as if you are transporting several. You’ve accumulated baggage through the years.

  • Traumas
  • Negative experiences
  • Pain

And everywhere you go, that baggage goes with you. Let me ask you a question. Is that an easy way to live?”

We went on to have a good session because we clearly assessed the damage that can occur within a life spent carrying baggage. I want to ask you the same question that I asked the audience. Do you carry bags with you? If so, I hope this short article helps you visualize the pain and hassle you were putting yourself through. There are ways to eliminate that baggage. I would encourage you to read books, such as which recently came on the market. Or even consider visiting a therapist or counselor. Talk to your minister. Talk to a good friend with whom you can confide and trust. But begin systematically, reducing the baggage in your life. You will do a better job at work if you do. Once more, you will live a more enjoyable life.