What is wisdom? Well, connect wise with dumb, and you get wisdom.

Let me explain.

I am attempting to offer a memory aid to help people understand wisdom: “wise + dumb = wisdom.” I am taking advantage of the fact that many great teachers have taught that wisdom comes from learning from your mistakes. Going with that definition, look at it this way. I do something dumb; I learn from it; I grow. Over time, I become wise.

Connect wise with dumb, and you get wisdom. 

Make a mistake, get wise, and get wisdom.

We all have done dumb things. Do something dumb, get wise, and gain wisdom.

Wise + dumb = wisdom.

No mistake is a total loss if you learn from it.

As an old proverb says, “Wisdom is with the aged, and understanding in length of days.”

May you enjoy a season of wisdom.